Craft trade Souvenirs Katja in Polače on island of Mljet has started with the work in 2004. It has been placed in the space of late antiquity palace in the room which is separated object and it served as the "komin". From souvenirs which are original and made by themselves, especially the female and male linen shirt, flaxen shirts and tunics with motives of Mljet embroidery, handiwork with Mljet embroidery, embroidered pads and bags with the lavender are emphasized.

The pattern of island of Mljet's shirts is specific for the island.

It has the roots in the national costume of island of Mljet and succeeds completely to be preserved to today's days. It is characterized by flat pattern parts, and backs and chests are made by the one piece of linen. Sleeves and chests of the female festive shirt have been embroidered by the white embroidery. Mljet embroidery has been preserved on the cap "škufija" and is characteristic along one's colors and composition of details. Redesigning of cap embroidery, unique pockets for our flaxen shirts and embroidery for tunics originated. We wanted also make the souvenir accessible with the price to every visitor so pads and bags are emerged which have only the small detail of Mljet embroidery.

From the other souvenirs we have the autochthonous delicacy: olive oil, honey and almonds, home brandy, autochthonous Croatian ceramics, a small fishing net called "vrše", exclusive soaps from the olive oil "Brač" and T-shirts with the motives of island of Mljet.


made by Ksenija BanovacCopyright 2008. Suveniri Katja